But, who are they?

John, Montana Kascade and Mado, all four form the cavalry of Les Prés du petit Morlu.

With Montana, we easily recognize the Shetland origins. Like all ponies, he’s the champion of going under fences and he doesn’t mind going into your kitchen and rummaging through cupboards…

Mado, whose real name is « Mademoiselle Murielle » is a Paint Horse mare, of American origin. Granddaughter of a great American champion, she has only known meadows and hikes in Sologne or Corrèze and she has no complaints about it.

Kascade with its strong chest includes in its genes no less than 3 equine breeds, the Ardennes trait at 25%, the Anglo-Arab at 25% and the Quarter Horse at 50%. This very lively and robust mare, now retired, is a great gourmand.

John, by his baptismal name John Steel, is a Selle Français who has crossed Europe and France for more than 15 years to compete in show jumping events. Champion and Vice Champion of France in the Hunter category, he has enjoyed a well-deserved retirement for 5 years.

Come and meet them, calm and close to man, they bring us a peaceful and true moment at each visit.